Creative Packaging and Story

During a recent trip to Oregon's Hood River with friends, we decided to do some wine tasting. Phelps Creek is located on a public golf course and it happened to be snowing, so it was not only beautiful but we had the tasting room to ourselves.

I was particularly struck by two wines made under its Mt. Defiance brand, Hellfire and Brimstone. These white ($15) and red ($16.50) blends, respectively, are "inspired" by baseball player turned prohibitionist preacher, Billy Sunday. Reverend Sunday moved from the Chicago area to Hood River, which coincidentally is a move shared by Phelps Creek owner, Bob Morus.

I find Hellfire and Brimstone compelling for two reasons -- they over deliver on the PPQ, the relationship between packaging, price and quality, and tell a great story. They may not appeal to all audiences (in fact, some of my fellow southern friends and family members might be downright offended), but surely serve as a great example of strong branding!